I was raised first in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area and later in Fort Worth, Texas, where I learned to appreciate clouds and winter. I got more and more interested in knowing things, and, when I made it to my last year at the Texas Academy of Math and Science, I decided that I wanted to study physics, the science of everything. I also caught a slight bug for star gazing so I double-majored in physics and astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin. To keep learning, I went to graduate school at the Ohio State University in physics. There I was able to marry my interests in computing and science by getting into electronic structure calculations. When it got time to graduate, I connected with a project at Argonne National Laboratory to study vibrations in materials (phonons) using the supercomputer there. After that project’s funding came to an end, I was able to start another position at Argonne connecting chemical engineers with a highly accurate electronic structure method (quantum Monte Carlo). Now, I’m looking to move on to life’s next great adventure.

Of course, all of the above misses out on the great people who’ve made my life better: my parents, relatives, friends, teachers, professors, supervisors, and colleagues. Good people have enriched and continue to enrich my life, and I look forward to all the future memories I will get to make with those good people I know as well as the wonderful people I might yet meet.